Dissertations written in all schools of Aalto University are published under the DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS publication series.

Other publications, such as various reports, conference and seminar proceedings, other compiled works, study and teaching materials, and working papers are published under the field-specific series of the university:


CROSSOVER series is for scientifically interdisciplinary works and ones made for joint functions and units of the university.


Publication platform

Publications are put together on the publication platform web service, and the process is finished with placing an order to the printing house. ISSN- and ISBN-numbers along with Aalto Serial number are generated automatically at the publication.

The Learning Centre provides personal instruction for authors of publications, e. g. using the publication platform.


Aaltodoc publication archive

Aaltodoc publication archive puts together under one single service the electronic full-text publications of all schools of the Aalto University including theses, reports, conference papers, and other publications. The scientific publications are openly available (Open Access) on the Internet free of charge and accessible to both the scientific community and the general public. Aaltodoc also ensures the long-term preservation of the electronic publications and the research information produced at the Aalto University. Aaltodoc is developed and maintained by the Aalto University Learning Centre.