The exhibition is a result of a seminar focusing on rituals of commemoration as acts of actualisation. In collaborative processes we started to analyse the functioning and structure of hegemonic discourses and systems of representation. We discussed how meaning and “national unity” are constructed through culture, language and landscape.

We had a look at politics of commemoration, discussed reflective approaches, counter-monuments and struggles around memory since the 1990s. Some things have changed for better or worse, some haven’t. While criticality became part of the debate, nationalism has also taken on a central role in the hegemonic memory culture in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

From this starting point our focus has been to go back to institutional critique and reflective memory culture, actualise it and persist on deconstructing hegemonic discourses and dominant historical narratives, reinterpreting them from the position of marginalised and silenced knowledges referring to hidden histories.