Love is perhaps humanity’s most complex and universal emotion with countless connotations and meanings, yet after centuries it remains largely ambiguous and undefinable. Did our ancestors have a greater understanding of love than we do in the 21st century? The Ancient Greeks didn’t collect all the emotions and connotations under one label like we tend to do today; they had multiple definitions such as Eros (sexual passion), Philia (deep friendship) and Ludus (playful love) to name a few.

So how do we understand love today? Can it be defined or only expressed? Can it be measured or only felt? Can it be explained or is it only proved through one’s actions? The question of ‘What is love?’ was Google’s top search query in 2014 and implies that for now…we’re still searching for an answer. In a new exhibition called ‘Glance’ the new masters students at Aalto University’s media department, still strangers to one another, will produce an exhibition of works surrounding the overwhelming theme of love. As well as giving a versatile and critical perspective on the ideological, social and cultural questions surrounding ‘love’, the exhibition will offer a insight into the workings, methods and mediums of the new masters students at Aalto’s media department.