The interdisciplinary CHEMARTS Summer School has been organized since 2012 for Aalto University students. The course focuses on hands-on material experimentations, and students are encouraged to explore topics they are personally interested in. As part of the course, the results are annually documented in a catalogue and displayed in an exhibition designed by the participants.

This year, the overall theme of the Summer School was ‘Value from plant residues’. Some students worked within the theme, some decided to have other approaches. This exhibition showcases the student’s ideas, processes and the most interesting experiments.

CHEMARTS, established in 2012, is a strategic collaboration in education and research between the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the School of Chemical Engineering. 

Working group: Summer School students from Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture and Aalto School of Chemical Engineering, taught by Pirjo KääriäinenTapani VuorinenJinze DouNina Riutta, and Iines Jakovlev (Aalto University)