VR Hub in the Harald Herlin Learning Centre is your portal to virtual reality. Come by and get introduced to VR – it’s easy, it’s free and it’s fun! VR Hub Sessions will be held in Tori venue next to the cafe.

VR for Molecules and Materials

Build up molecules with your own hands! Virtual 3D interfaces open up exciting possibilities in chemistry, where three-dimensional molecular structures are the key players. What if you could actually manipulate molecules and materials using a gesture-driven 3D interface, instead of drawing 2D stick diagrams?

Come and try the new VR-Chem prototype developed at Aalto (CHEM + SCI + ARTS). VR-Chem uses a combination of VR and gesture recognition technologies (LeapMotion).


You can participate in one Session or several, and also stay as long as you like. Different Sessions have different themes. To get updated about VR Hub events, simply order our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cN5Vkb